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"Curly always said you were a good kid. Curly's in the reformatory for the next six months."
— Tim to Ponyboy before the rumble. in The Outsiders, page 139

Timothy “Tim” Shepard is one of the greasers, a minor character in The Outsiders, and runs a subsection of the Greasers, 'The Shepards' that frequently teams up with Ponyboy Curtis's gang.

Physical Appearance

Tim is described as "cat-like", with curly black hair and dark blue eyes. His nose had been broken twice (thrice as of the rumble which took place near the end of the novel). He has a long scar from his temple to his chin where he was belted with a broken pop bottle. He is eighteen years old, three years older than his little brother, Curly Shepard, who is said to resemble him.

Even though he is described as having curly black hair in the book, in the movie he appears to have long brown hair.


Tim is one of the few that enjoys being a hood, and is leader of the Shepard gang. He has a grim and bitter smile, like Dallas Winston and the Brumly boys. He has a neutral relationship with Ponyboy's gang, and was once found in their living room in the morning, reading the newspaper. He has a little brother named Curly, who was in the reformatory for the whole of the book. He treats his gang members with strictness and organization, unlike Ponyboy's crew, who are just buddies that stick together. He has a stern personality.


  1. Revealed by SE Hinton