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The Outsiders is a stage play written by Christopher Sergel based upon the novel of the same name by S. E. Hinton.


The Outsiders is a full length play in two acts with a playing time of about two hours. The play was published in 1990 by Dramatic Publishing, a publishing company for stage plays founded in 1885 and held by the Sergel family.


The play is for 17 people: 12 men and 5 women (or 10 men and 7 women, if the roles of Jerry and Mr. Syme are also played by women)[1]

Name Description
Ponyboy in his early teens, a greaser
Johnny Ponyboy's friend, in his early teens
Bob a soc
Randy a soc
Dallas early 20s, a greaser
Two-Bit early 20s, a greaser
Darry Ponyboy's oldest brother, 20 years old
Sodapop Ponyboy's second oldest brother, mid teens
Sandy Sodapop's girlfriend
Cherry a soc
Marcia Cherry's friend
Mrs. O'Briant a parent
Jerry a parent
Doctor at the hospital
Nurse at the hospital
Mr. Syme an English teacher
Paul early 20s, a soc

Extra characters include greasers, socs, hospital worker, children (if available).


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