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Sodapop Patrick Curtis is the middle Curtis boy, and one of three deuteragonists of The Outsiders. He's said to be "movie star handsome," and has silky, dark gold hair (real tuff) that he combs back. He's got dark brown (recklessly, dancing) eyes and a goofy grin that you can't help but love (which is noted by Ponyboy after getting jumped by the Socs).


Sodapop Curtis dropped out of high school at sixteen, and works at the local DX (gas) station with his best buddy, Steve, fixing cars and working the pump mostly. It's also mentioned that "he attracts girls like flies to honey," and that girls, both soc and greasers will get gas there just to stare at him.

He is idolized by his younger brother, Ponyboy, but feels like a middle-man being fought over by between both brothers in a "tug-a-war" between them.

Sodapop is dating, and in love with Sandy near the beginning of the book, a pretty girl with china blue eyes and blonde hair. After Pony and Johnny return from windrixille, Pony is surprised to find out that they broke up. It turned out that Sandy was pregnant and had cheated on Soda with another man. She was moving to Florida so she could look after the baby. She clearly didn't love him back, and he was heartbroken.

In the book, it is also said by Ponyboy that Soda enjoys dancing or a drag race without even getting near alcohol, and that "it's rare to find a kid in our neighborhood who doesn't drink once in a while. But Soda never touches a drop. He doesn't need to. He gets drunk on just plain living". Sodapop enjoys racing, fighting, dancing and basically anything that would blow off steam.

When asked by his younger brother why he liked to fight, he simply replied that it was fun and a challenge for him.

Ponyboy thinks of him as a funny fright train with legs.

Mickey Mouse

Sodapop used to work in a stable when he was twelve years old. He took a specific liking to one horse named Mickey Mouse. This horse was "a dark-gold buckskin, sassy and ornery, not much more than a colt". Sodapop loved Mickey Mouse as if he was Soda's horse, and Mickey Mouse loved Soda; he'd only come when Soda called. "Mickey Mouse was a mean horse. He kicked other horses and was always getting into trouble." One day Mickey Mouse got sold, and Soda was heartbroken. Soda cried all night long after Mickey Mouse was sold, and thinks about him regularly.

  1. Revealed by S.E Hinton