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Film cast members of The Outsiders are the actors and actresses who portray the characters of The Outsiders film.

Main cast

The main cast members portray the main characters of the film. They are credited in the opening credits.


Supporting cast

The supporting cast members portray the supporting characters of the film. They are credited in the end credits.

  • Tom Hillmann (credited Tom Hillman) as greaser in Concession Stand
  • Hugh Walkinshaw as soc in Concession Stand
  • Sofia Coppola (credited Domino) as Little Girl
  • Teresa Wilkerson Hunt as woman at fire
  • Linda Nystedt as nurse
  • S. E. Hinton as nurse (in Dallas's hospital room)
  • Brent Beesley as suburb guy
  • John Meier (credited John C. Meier) as Paul
  • Ed Jackson as Motorcycle Cop
  • Daniel R. Suhart (credited Dan Suhart) as Orderly

Uncredited cast

  • Michael Peter Balzary (Flea) as Soc #3
  • Nicolas Cage (cameo in rumble scene)
  • Ronald Colby as College Professor
  • Emeline Denito as Mrs. Cade
  • Lynne Hatheway Anthony as Sandy (deleted scenes)
  • Heather Langenkamp as Evie (deleted scenes)
  • Cam Neely as Soc #2
  • James P. Rice as Drive-in Patron
  • J D Rogers as Extra
  • Tony Teebo as Production Aide

Stunt performers

Stunt performers generally do not portray a specific character, but perform stunts for different characters. They may be credited in the end credits, too, or not credited at all.

  • Steve M. Davison
  • Reid Rondell (also acting as a stunt double for Tom Cruise)
  • Scott Wilder
  • Tom Elliott (uncredited)
  • John Meier (uncredited)

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