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Curly Shepard is Tim Shepard's younger brother.  He is not mentioned much in the book, but it is once mentioned that Curly and Ponyboy once played chicken by pressing their lit cigarettes against each other's skin. Throughout the book he is said to be in the reformatory for attempting to break into a liquor store. Curly is a side character and has no effect whatsoever on the main plot.

Physical Appearance

Since he is said to be his brother, Tim Shepard, in miniature, he may resemble his brother physically, who is described to be "a lean, catlike eighteen-year-old who looked like the model JD you see in movies and magazines." He has curly black hair, dark blue eyes, a scar from temple to chin, a nose that has been broken twice, and a "grim and bitter" smile like Dally's. He has the "tense, hungry look of an alley cat and he was constantly restless."