The characters appearing both in The Outsiders film and The Outsiders TV series are generally portrayed by different actors. Further, some of The Outsider characters also appear in other films were they may be protrayed by diffrent actors.

Characters appearing in the The Outsiders film and series

The following characters from the The Outsiders film also appear in the The Outsiders TV series, but are portrayed by different actors due to the seven years between the production of the two.

Character Age [1] Image Film cast Age [2] Image Series cast Age [3]
Ponyboy Curtis 14 C. Thomas Howell 16 Jay R. Ferguson 15
Sodapop Curtis 19
Rob Lowe 19
Rodney Harvey 22
Darrel Curtis Patrick Swayze 30 Boyd Kestner 25
Steve Randle Tom Cruise 20 Harold Pruett 20
Two-Bit Mathews Emilio Estevez 20 David Arquette 18
Tim Shepard Glenn Withrow 29 Robert Rusler 24
Sherri Valance Diane Lane 18 Kim Walker 21
Marcia Michelle Meyrink 20 Jennifer McComb
Randy Anderson Darren Dalton 18 Scott Coffey 25

The Outsiders characters appearing in other films

Character Image The Outsiders actor Image Film actor Film
Ponyboy Curtis
C. Thomas Howell C. Thomas Howell That Was Then, This Is Now
Tim Shepard
Glenn Withrow Brooks Gardner That Was Then, This Is Now

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  1. in the novel (1967)
  2. on March 25, 1983, the relase date of the film
  3. on March 25, 1990, the TV start of the series